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5 things your Digital marketing can learn from Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, is an idol for this generation, what this guy do on the ground is inspirational and practiced throughout the globe. He is the man people aspire to be; the player businesses are banking upon and the athlete we love.

While the worlds of digital marketing and sports athletes are totally different, we have realized the qualities needed to succeed in both the sphere are similar. All you need is the set of principles that will guide you to create a successful digital marketing campaign; here are few things you can learn from Virat.

1. Prepare to bat long, really long

virat batting

Virat Kohli is a player who bats for long, really long. You can’t generate leads on digital sphere in matter of hours or days. The best in the business are those who play long consistent innings. So instead of thinking only about short viral campaigns, plan an overall goal based strategy which can bring leads and conversion in long run.

2. Adjust to the pitch and conditions

virat on pitch

Virat Kohli is quite dynamic, a player who can assess the condition of the pitch and adjust accordingly.

Digital world is very dynamic and if you work with a slam bang approach your campaign will soon receive a massive downfall from which one cannot retrieve.

Make sure to listen to your network- competitors, prospects, experts and adjust your communication accordingly. Your communication whether be the mailer, social media posts, Banners should be set according to your audience so that every time you post anything it can steer away to the boundary.

3. Respect good deliveries

virat kohli respect ducking

Virat Kohli even in the best of his form does not hit every single ball out of the ground. He assesses each delivery, stay cautious and act accordingly with patience. Similarly, search engine world is very dynamic and the changes in Google algorithm are beneficial for some projects, whereas they can sabotage other. A good digital marketer always stays cautious with all of these updates. Make sure that you stay updated with every change, so that you can duck the delivery when you need to.

4. Aggression

India's captain Kohli celebrates after taking the catch to dismiss Sri Lanka's Chandimal during the fourth day of their third and final test cricket match in Colombo

Virat Kohli is known for the aggression he brings in the ground. From aggression we don’t mean losing your temper. But it is passion towards the game. Aggression is a positive quality if you can use it wisely in digital marketing.  A digital marketer has to stay passionate for the projects he or she is handling. Behind every successful digital marketing campaign there is a passionate and proactive marketer who analyzes every change in the campaign and reacts accordingly.

5. Perfect Timing

virat-hitting ball

Perfect timing is the quality that sets Virat Kohli apart from several ace cricketers. While working on a digital marketing campaign we need to learn the importance of right timing. Bad timing can cost a digital campaign fortune which cannot be undone. So make sure to set the timings of your campaign right.

Have you noticed any other quality of Virat Kohli which can help in the success of a digital marketing campaign, do share with us? If you’ve any question related to Digital Marketing, leave a comment below or reach us!


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