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7 ways to raise an army of Customers as brand Ambassador of your Business

Converting customers into promoters of your brand looks like a mammoth task and many of us give up without even fighting this battle.

We got something that will cheer you up, if you play your cards right transforming your customers into messengers is possible. Yes, you can raise an army of visitors who will not only be your customers but will further help in promoting your website.

So do you want to know what this secret recipe is? Check out the list of to-dos which will sure shot help you to win over the heart of your customers and make them a potential promoter:

1. Travel an extra mile with exceptional customer service

Exceptional Customer Service

If you want to get brownie points and win over your customers, you have to make sure that they are happy with your after sale service. The biggest mistake one can do is not to make customers feel their value for the business.
Remember sale is just the starting of a long lasting relation. Make sure to bump into your consumers and check whether they are satisfied with your product. Try and reach them every once in a while with some offers and discount and see how the customers will turn into your brand advocates.

2. Initiate a Referral and loyalty program



Good ol’ loyalty programs always fascinate customer’s whims and fancies, as everybody loves a profitable deal.
When a customer visits your store again, they come with the heightened expectation that they will get something more from the last time. Reward points or loyalty program help you showyour customers that they will earn something, each time they repeat business with you.

3. Make Your Employees Happy


A satisfied employee is instrumental for your customer’s satisfaction. According to a research happy employees serve your customers much better than unhappy ones. If you are thinking that to make your employees happy you have to break your bank every time, think again even small appreciations are big time ice breaker.

4. Surprise Them!!!


Make sure to delight your customers with surprises, when they least expect it. If you are able to surprise your customers on a normal day, it will lift their mood. A thank you note or upgrades for a service for absolutely free will boost them and they might return your favor being your loyal brand advocate.

5. Engage on Social Media


Social media has emerged as a powerful tool for personalizing customer experience. Engaging with customers on social media, responding to their questions on twitter or running contests make the customers feel like they are interacting with your company. If the audience likes your social content they do share it on their page and become your brand advocate.

6. Trust Building!

Building Trust

Make sure to build trust with your customers. According to a research If you want to make up for 1 bad experience, you almost have to provide 12 positive experience to your customers. So make sure to keep your customers well informed with the changes in your products or service and meet their expectations, also take feedback from the customer about the changes.

7. Customer Testimonials


Once a customer makes a purchase, you could always ask them for a testimonial. The best part about testimonial is that it builds trust among your prospects and they get information on how well you serve your people.

If you have any point that you want to share with us do let us know in the comment section below and tell us your success stories where you were able to transform your customers into a brand promoter.

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