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Decoding Advertising On Instagram

After giving all what you need before you start advertising on Facebook, we now will decode advertising on Instagram for you as we promised. One of the world’s largest mobile ad platforms, Instagram is a heaven for brands or advertisers made up of a community having more than 500M users.

Available globally, Instagram Ads are a big opportunity for big as well as small businesses to tell their stories in an immersive & engaging environment.

Increase your brand’s awareness or visits to your website or downloads of your mobile app, here is a guide that will help you to start advertising on Instagram-

1. Image Ads

Image ads on Instagram use beautiful imagery through which brand’s can tell their story or showcase their products or inspire people to see brand in a different light with a clean, simple and beautiful canvas.

Instagram Image Ads

Image Size: 1200*628/1080*1080
Format: .jpg or .png
Caption: 125 Characters
Objectives: Click to website, website conversions, brand awareness, app download, app engagement, post engagement

2. Video Ads

Some moments need to be just more than just still images to make the communication come to life. Video ads on Instagram provide your business a powerful way to share stories combining the beauty of image ads with the power of sound and motion. They are great way to give a tease or trailer of your main service.

Instagram video ads

Video Dimensions: 600*315/600*600
Format: .mp4
Length: 60 seconds max
File Size: 30 MB max
Caption: 125 Characters
Objectives: Click to website, website conversions, brand awareness, app install, app engagement, video views, post engagement

3. Carousel Ads

Adding an additional depth to image ads or video ads, there is no better way to tell a sequenced story than carousel ad on Instagram with multiple images or videos. Users can swipe left to view more images or videos to view the complete story.

Instagram Carousel AdsInstagram Carousel Ads

No. of Images or Videos: 3-5
Image Size/Video Dimensions: 1080*1080/600*315 (landscape) or 600*600 (square)
Format: .jpg, .png, .mp4
Caption: 125 Characters
Objective: Click to website, website conversions, app install, app engagement, brand awareness

You can start your Instagram ads through the Facebook Business Manager only. All you’ve to do is connect the Business Manager to Instagram  by claiming the Instagram profile you want to advertise for. The process to create an Instagram ad is same as Facebook ads with editing the placement to Instagram and unchecking all other options. For creating the target audience, you can create an audience based on interests, behavior, connections, demographics or create a custom audience who’ve already interacted with your business or website which is also known as Retargeting Ads.

Instagram is the best social media platform for promoting your business through visual content with attractive reach, engagement and conversions with the right placement.

If you’ve any question related to Instagram advertising or any other platform, leave a comment below or reach us!


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