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Festive Season In India Is A Gold Mine for Brands

If you live in India, you know what the last three months of the year mean for Indian customers ~ lots of shopping! With lots of customers, comes a huge opportunity for your businesses.

During these three months, your business can earn or achieve double what you achieve the rest of the nine months. But that doesn’t happen just like that. You will need a pitch perfect planning, stock management and most important of all a well crafted Digital Marketing Strategy!

Look ahead and cut the competition this festive season.


1. Plan Your Content

Plan your content

To avoid the mess during the crucial times, it’s always better to plan before and create a content calendar for the festive season.

  • Create a schedule for your promotions: Prepare a blueprint of your sales, promotions, discount, special offers etc for the festive season with the launch and end dates to avoid last minute confusions.

  • Engage your social media fan base: Social media plays a big role to engage your audience/customers during festivals. Organize contests exclusively for your social media followers to increase the impact of promotional activities and product launches.

  • Announce festive events in advance: Many brands organize events like mall activities or seasonal sales during festive season. Inform your customers before to help them spread the word & become your influencers.

  • Make your customers feel special: Exclusive discounts, gifts or first look at the product help your best customers to feel special & elated which in return can help you to create a word of mouth during festivals and add a new customer base. Thank your customers for being associated with your brand with a warm greeting.

2. Set Your Targets Right

Set your targets

Prepare a target list for your campaigns or promotions to avoid irrelevant traffic on your website during the promotion period.

  • Create a single master list of subscribers: ‘N’ number of lists leads to ‘N’ number of problems, it’s always better to prepare a single consolidated list of subscribers for your use.

  • Clean your email list before: Often there are users in your list you haven’t engaged with in the past few months. Re-connect with them and remove inactive users before the main campaign is live to get maximum output with stronger open & click rate.

  • Make your social media fans become your subscribers: People following you on social media channels can be potential subscribers. Invite them to subscribe you via Facebook Signups or Twitter Lead Generation Cards.

  • Target subscribers with relevant content: Segregate your subscriber list according to their interests and target them with relevant content.

  • Run ads on Facebook for your subscribers: Facebook offers to create custom audience for targeting your ads. Add your email subscribers to the custom audience list to target them with your latest festive offers.

3. Create Relevant Content

Create relevant content

Sharing the right content with the right audience levels up your promotions and gives it the boost it needs.

  • Target repeat customers with special offers: Create exclusive offers or discounts for your regular customers. Make them feel special that they are associated with your brand. Use mailer to send special festive offers and engage regular customers.

  • Attract New Customers With Contests or Giveaways: Your current customer base may be satisfying your objectives but festive season offers you an opportunity to introduce new users to your brand and convert them into customers. Contests or Giveaways on social media are great options to attract new customers. The giveaway or the prize you offer should be of interest to what you consider the ideal audience of your brand.

  • Re-engage inactive users: A customer who hasn’t made a purchase from you for a long time shouldn’t be considered lost. Re-engage them with attractive offers or exclusive discount codes that will catch their eye.

4. Optimize to get the maximum results

Optimize your content

Testing with different options helps you know what works the best. Don’t be disheartened if ‘A’ doesn’t work, there might be a ‘B’ which will!

  • Experiment to know what drives engagement: Test different images, copy and call to actions, analyse what is driving more engagement to know what suits your customer and vis-a-vis your brand.

  • Choose the best combination on the basis of your experiment: With the help of analytical tools available out there, it is easy to determine what combination of copy, image and call to action works best for you.

  • Identify user behaviour for future: Analyze every aspect of your campaign to gauge the user behavior and identify a pattern that will help you for future campaigns.

  • Choose the time-zone when your user is active: Schedule your campaigns when your user is most active to get the best impressions, clicks and open rate (in case of mailers).

  • Optimize for mobile devices: Always optimize your campaigns for mobile devices and make sure they look & work good on every device as maximum users nowadays use smartphones for all their activities.

5. Revamp Your Branding for Festive Season

Revamp your look

When you say you’re celebrating, it should look like you’re celebrating everywhere.

  • Maintain a common message: Make your message loud and clear on every platform you’re using with a common voice & tone.

  • Update your website & social media: Revamp the look & feel of your website, social media channels & emails for the festive season. Experiment with different fonts, colors and other design elements.

Looks like a big task when the festive season is just round the corner? Don’t worry we do it every day for more than 500 brands. Let’s help you in building a digital marketing strategy for your brand this festive season. To Know more click here or just email us at [email protected]

May your brand’s fortune be written in Gold this festive season!


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