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Internet of Things – Taking Digital World by Storm

Internet of Things has taken the world by rage and it is one of the hottest topics in workplaces and outside it. IOT is a concept which can change the way we function, work and our daily lives.

There are a lot of complexities around this topic so much that most of the people are still not able to figure out what IoT is all about. So today we will throw some light on the concept, alongwith the future projection of this technology.

How this concept emerged?

Internet has taken the world by storm and is widely available in the remotest of the areas. Smartphones are selling like hot cakes around the globe, the cost of internet connection and wifi is meager which is further more increasing the penetration of internet in the world.

So what exactly is Internet Of Things?

So you must be wondering by now that what is IoT? and how it will affect the life of people who will get connected to it?

IoT is a mean through which one can connect any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other). Through IoT you will be able to connect multiple devices to internet and to each other like cellphones, washing machines, Microwave, telephones, smart watches etc.

According to statistics, we will have well over 20 billion connected devices by 2020. You can take IoT as huge web which will interconnect things including people.

The relationship in IoT will be in these forms:

  • People-people

  • People-things

  • Things-things

Will IoT Be The Game Changer?

Yes, definitely IoT is going to change our day today lives to a great extent, to delve more here are few examples of how IoT can impact us daily:

  • Suppose you are leaving to your work and stuck in traffic, your mobile will directly message your colleague that you are stuck in traffic and might get late.
  • Similarly your cellphones which has an alarm clock will send message to your coffee brewing machine to start brewing coffee as soon as you wake up.
  • IoT can impact the world in broader scale too with advanced transportation networks, smart cities, reduction of wastes and energy usage and improving the work and life of common people.

IoT: Boon or Bane?

With great power come great responsibilities and threats too. IoT has countless opportunities and a potential we cannot even imagine but have some threats and challenges too.

Security is touted as the biggest threat as of now as with billion devices connected together can lead to mass hacking. Another problem which may arise is to save the massive amount of data and to track, analyze and make sense of the vast amounts of data that will be generated.

Projections for IoT:

Here are few future projections by research firms and IT giants around the globe for Internet of things:

  • 26 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020
  • $6 trillion will be spent on IoT solutions over the next 5 years” – Business Insider
  • Global demand for IOT developers will stand at 4.5 million by the year 2020”- Accenture
  • The average annual salary for an IOT Architect is $179,000” – Indeed Salary Search
  • Due to the Internet of Things, jobs in the IT industry are projected to grow by 50% before 2020- Cisco

With countless number of opportunities IoT is definitely the next big thing in technology world. Below we are sharing an infographic which will help you delve more about Internet of things in Education sector and how this technology will be taking the education world by storm.

IOT infographic new color copy


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