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Get into Online Marketing for your Business – An Ultimate Way

Whenever a discussion hits on marketing in an International web design conference, almost everyone has to comment or to ask something, however marketing mystery still remains in a perception clad for the start-up businesses of today. Let’s unfold the layers behind website  marketing for businesses design.

Since the very beginning, marketing has been described differently by different marketing scholars, and the most considered definition of marketing has been given by the Godfather of MarketingPhilip Kotler, i.e., the shortest definition of marketing is “Finding needs and filling them profitably.” However, I would rather cite the American Marketing Association’s definition that says “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for consumers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

Time flies like speed and gradually marketing spurred in one form or another, digital marketing has stepped out and received fame in a short span of time due to its ethereal features and utility. The reason why digital marketing has gained substantial amount of response from companies and customers is the significance it brings to brands. Have a quick glance!

  • Power of web Medium is beyond your expectation, that’s why web is becoming the head-tuning solution for businesses to market their goods.
  • Custom Marketing Budget. Yeah! You can really start marketing your goods at a low budget to get expected results.
  • ROI is high & Monitoring is easy. Track performance of digital marketing campaign and act smartly to boost better performance.
  • Strong reach to keep everyone touched with the effect.

Now the question comes whether your business needs to be marketed online or you can afford to stay untouched from the power of web. Below mentioned are some of the sure shot parameters that help concluding at the initial level your business need of digital marketing.

Target Segment: Your business direly needs digital marketing if the target audience of your business spends time over web, for instance if you are going to promote wholesale retail items or fruits or vegetables then digital medium won’t be your take.

What they (target audience) do on web: Now the second most important thing is to figure out what your target audience do on web or majorly on what platforms they spend their daily internet hours. Understanding the behavioral aspect of your audience is prime requirement to execute an effective online marketing for your business no matter whether it’s B2B or B2C.

Recent survey report says: “Due to increasing Internet penetration and improved user engagement, the time spent on the web is expected to increase significantly, resulting in online advertising accounting for 10-15 per cent of the overall advertising market by 2015.” And Growth in numbers of internet users over the past 12 months is 25% internet users to triple by 2014. Now you would be able to imagine the power of vast digital medium.

Once you’ve made the decision about digital medium of marketing to change the game plan, then you would start witnessing the standout performances of your on-going marketing activities. This is the choice that changes how frequently your audience starts finding your business on web.

The bigger picture of online marketing mediums!

Shuffling in between different digital marketing medium like Social Media, Google PPC Ads, Banner Ads, Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing & Landing page management is not the ultimate solution you can have. You must have your marketing objectives set before getting into this channel. Majorly businesses have three types of purpose behind initiating an online marketing campaign mentioned below:

a. Sales Driven Objectives

b. Branding driven Objectives

c. PR Driven Objectives

You can still rate among various digital marketing mediums to harmonize best with your business objectives, so the purpose can be solved.


Above table has given an insight on how to get a fair deal with digital marketing mediums. Whatever you require, web has in store for your business.

It’s not only the potential of this medium that catches the eyes of entrepreneurs but even the benefits offered are heavenly for any small or medium sized business.

  • It’s highly budget-oriented! The expected outcomes are wholly based on your budget.
  • Monitoring like never before! Of course you cannot measure how your TV commercial ad is performing? Can you?
  • Performance improvisation is possible anytime! You can revise your online marketing campaign as or when required, not like a traditional outdoor banner ad that has been placed once for a fixed contract time.

After reading this blog you might get answers/ cleared your doubts regarding web marketing. Eyebridge – An Interactive Digital Agency has been working on great online marketing campaign or digital launch plans for our global clients. We do it in line with this sequence “Create > Connect > Engage > Influence” and rest automatically falls into place in favor of our clients. 94% of our clients have shown increased ranking in just 2 months.

…Because if the World doesn’t know you exist, they’ll never find you!

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