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Top 8 Fiery Moments of 2016 That Went Viral On Social Media

So, another great year comes to an end! 2016 was very different from previous years, it had a lot of ups & downs in the field of Entertainment, Politics, Sports & what not. But you might be thinking what’s the difference? Every year has such moments. Well, yes you’re right but not every year witnesses such moments go viral on Social Media.

Whether it was someone’s birthday or the much talked about demonetization move, the netizens of India took it all to Social Media and talked about it. So, with New Year on the horizon, let’s take a moment & discuss top 8 fiery moments of 2016 that went viral!


1. International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day

While India was celebrating the 2nd International Yoga Day on 21st June’16, yoga enthusiasts all over the world tweeted to express their excitement making it to the top trending list on Twitter. Not only this, even Twitter customized an ‘Asana’ emoticon to delight the users celebrating the day.


2. Women Made India Proud At Rio 2016

Rio Olympics 2016

The victorious moment for P.V. Sindhu, Sakshi Malik & Dipa Karmakar united all the Indian & registered this moment in the history of India. The girl power at Rio Olympics 2016 inspired every citizen of India who Tweeted to congratulate the girls. More than a million tweets were recorded expressing national pride with the #Rio2016.


3. When India shook their booties to #BeatPeBootyChallenge

Beat Pe Booty Challenge

Though the movie Flying Jatt failed to impress the audience but their #BeatPeBootyChallenge managed to engage people on social media. Makers of the movie initially asked Bollywood stars to take the challenge and soon it became trending amongst the fans on all the social media channels.


4. Twitteratees choose the color of Diya emoji on Diwali

Diwali On Twitter

The biggest festival of India i.e. Diwali this year was accompanied with a Twitter poll by @TwitterIndia to choose the color of Diya emoji to be launched by Twitter on Diwali. Thousands of Indians participated in this 48 hour event making Diwali a hit on Twitter.


5. The Capital City choking to Pollution after Diwali

Delhi Air Pollution After Diwali

Quality levels of air drops down every year after Diwali celebrations but this year it dropped down to the next level. Layers of smog covered the whole city of Delhi for almost a week. Citizens uploaded pictures, expressed their worries & solutions on social media making the issue trend for 2-3 days.


6. When Coldplay Sang Vande Matram

Cold Play Sings Vande Matram

The Global Citizen Festival was held in Mumbai, India this year on 19th November. The charitable event this year was honored with the presence of legendary artists like Coldplay, Jay Z , AR Rahman and many more. But the most memorable moment of the event was when the lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin sang Vande Matram with AR Rahman. It electrified the 80,000 fans present at the event who updated & tweeted live feeds from event making it a Global trend.

7. Redefining Our Childhood Statue Game With Mannequin Challenge

Mannequin Challenge

If you were wondering why your Twitter & Instagram updates were filled with videos in which people are not moving with music playing in the background then search for Mannequin Challenge which has taken the internet by storm. It was started by students in Jacksonville, Florida on 26th October 2016 which inspired notable politicians, sportsmen, artists and actors. It became instantly viral on social media with #MannequinChallenge.

8. When Every Citizen of India Became Cashless


On 8th November 2016, a historic decision was taken and delivered to us by the current Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narender Modi that the currency notes of denomination Rs. 500 & 1000 will no longer be valid to fight back corruption and black money. The decision shook the nation and impacted us all. Clearly Demonetization tops the chart of not only the most viral moments of 2016 but also of the decade. Many discussions were held with #Demonitization, #Cashless, #ModiFightsCorruption and it is still going on…

If we have missed a big ‘WoW’ viral moment from the year 2016 in this list, go ahead and write it in the comment section below.

So this is where we say bye bye to 2016 and welcome 2017. We wish you all a very Happy New Year  :)

Happy New Year


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