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digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Good work is appreciated when it is seen, heard and known. This is where digital marketing comes into the picture. We find the right approach for your brand first and then act on it. Other agencies might tell you different successful marketing mantras but we will tell you the right time & place to use it.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Lifecycle of digital marketing says – Reach + Act + Convert + Engage. Digital Marketing strategy involves aligning business goals to satisfy customer needs by using every possible in the digital space like website, eCommerce, social, mobile etc. We define digital Marketing strategy as a technology that will alter your bottom line in less than 6 months.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why SEO? The simplest answer is that you need to appear in front of customers when they ask for your product/ service on search engines. Not every website can claim to appear in top 10 searches on any search engine. We do not partner with any search engine but can ensure you that 99.9% of the visitors will find you.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Globally, 85% of internet users use search engines. But search engines are not loyal to any site. They can put you on 1st page or 20th page after indexing. SEM helps to find a way to in the top search results with advertising (pay per click). Our team skips their meals to do an efficient keyword analysis and make you more visible.


Retarget Marketing

Failures are guaranteed in any business. Despite having an amazing ad, you may not get expected no of converts. Well, we pester such targets by studying their past actions and then following them wherever they go. This is Retarget marketing by ‘Vodafone dog’. We do not try to sell products to both men and women through ‘Aishwarya Rai’. Everyone is different.


Display Advertising

Remember Dhara’s cute ‘Jalebi’ ad or Cadbury’s cricket dance ad? Easy to recall. Now try to remember any display ad. Very hard. If properly designed, Display ads can be the next revolution after social media. They link the users from advertisements directly to your websites. That’s quick. Isn’t it?


Email Marketing

It may sound incredible but there is something that social media has not been able to beat – email accounts. Yes, there are 3.3 billion email user accounts as against 2.7 billion social media accounts today. Even with the growing popularity of social media, underestimating e-mail marketing will be crazy.


Social Media Advertisement

We never give package deals as everything is unique for us. Today, Facebook has over 900 million users, Twitter has 500 million, LinkedIn has 200 million and all the users are there are different. We do not make ‘Gangnam Style’ campaigns for LinkedIn. We will give your brand a distinctive voice at different platforms.



We concentrate on things that make some business sense. Analytics will see whether the activities like blogging, email/ display ads etc. are effective in getting financial returns or not. We will make people remember you and not only your campaign. People will remember you even if ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ stars in it.


Online PR

Media plays an influential role in making or breaking reputations of big celebrities. Else, why would people apologize for their Tweets? PR is no longer only on televisions and newspapers. When the world is going online, your publicity cannot be offline. So, you need to be at search engines, forums, social media, blogs etc. As long as you are with us, people will see even a bad news in a positive light.


Viral Videos

Videos, podcasts and short films are just some of the ways you can enhance a web user's experience and get solid returns in the process.


Online Reputation Management

We provide specialized and professional services in online reputation management by putting greater emphasis in setting up brand power and customer loyalty through effective online impressions. We define our reputation management services as a constant attempt to combat negative press, rip off reports, social media attacks, forum posts, blog comments and other negative search results pertaining to your name or business.

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