Don’t you think that excitement begins with the word social? Social Media unlocks many ways of communicating with your audience in their tone. Any brand can be a superstar over a night if you hit the hot iron.


Social Media Optimization (SMO) : People visit social media sites not to see boring content again. It is anyways available everywhere – books, newspapers, journals. Make your brand a talking point for audience. Facebook has ‘vella’ public, LinkedIn has business people and Twitter has celebrities and their fans. With SMO, we will establish your presence in all these different platforms. You have to build a ‘family car’ to take care of every person in a family. We make our clients not just any brand, but a legend.


Facebook Advertising : You will find people with diverse demographics on Facebook. Unlike advertising on Google, Facebook ads (SEM) have to be loud and attractive enough to make the people stop checking out others’ profile for a moment and notice the ad. People are busy posting over 3 billion likes and comments there every day. It is very difficult to stop them but we are also not looking for an easy job either.


LinkedIn Advertisement : 60% of users click on an ad on LinkedIn. You have everything ready on a platter here – profiling based on job, education, interests. Still enough leads are not generated. My habit of stalking beautiful girls on internet is now helping in tracking the target users. The ads are like darts that should be bang on target. A typical LinkedIn ad is only 75 characters. Our team spends up to 30 minutes on each character so that not a single character is wasted.


Social Identity Creation : You are what people think you are’. We will not let you be what others think but will make others think who you actually are. If you are famous in social media, you are a public property. People will talk about you, share your posts and respond to you. We act as an agency to manage content to create your social identity. If you do not have an identity, we will make you another ‘MS Dhoni’ and if you star, we will make you another ‘Lady Gaga’.


Social Viral Campaigns : Now this is one of the most interesting work we do here. Creating buzz-worthy campaigns on social media. One simple way to create a viral campaign is to see whether people would show and share it with their friend. No one knows why ‘Kolaveri Di’ was such a huge hit and hence, there is no success formula. Still we love doing this. When it comes to challenges, it gives us a point to back our boastfulness with something big.

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