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Team Eyebridge

If I ask Jai(jaideep) and Jagrit, the core team members what they like to do during any working day the answers are varied yet down to earth. One goes like "playing PSP" and other of course "Sleep"! We may not be the most creative team to have walked this planet however we are a bunch of enthusiasts who love to experiment, who love to take risk, who love to beat conventional logic and flow with our imaginations. It is well said that 'Imagination is the only Intelligence having fun!' Our strength lies in diversity. The team comprises of MBAs from top business schools of the country, professionals with extensive designing experience, fresh engineers and few drop outs from regular jobs and colleges to find their inspiration in our Beloved Workshop. We always make sure of a thriving creative environment to work in - An environment that fosters incredible designs, rock-solid programming and the growth of every team member in his/her specialty.

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