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12 Recent Digital Marketing Campaigns You Couldn’t Ignore!

What is a perfect digital marketing campaign? The one which catches your eye, easy to understand, engages you and the one you remember! We come across so many campaigns on digital media channels and taking into the account the attention span of the audience on social media, there are only few which stay with us!

Here are 12 recent campaigns which you couldn’t ignore-


1. #LastSelfie

WWF wanted the youth to know about the endangered animals and generate awareness amongst them. They decided to do this the new generation’s way of conversation i.e. social media where the youth of today is actively involved.


They chose Snapchat out of all social media channels to broadcast their message where the image disappears in few hours just like the endangered species. Each image was designed like a selfie of an animal saying ‘Don’t let this be my #LastSelfie’. The campaign successfully caught the eye engaging the youth with its selfie concept. The campaign was tweeted by 40,000 users seen by 120 million people in one week i.e. half of all active twitter users.


2. #DoYourHomework

Axis mutual fund started an initiative #DoYourHomework to create awareness amongst the parents and encourage them to plan for their child’s education.A thorough research was conducted across 10 cities with 1000 parents having children between the age group of 4-12 years along with an experiment where parents & children both were asked to draw what they wanted their kid to be and what the child wanted to be respectively. It turned out that maximum number of parents were worried about planning the education expenses of their child and had different ideas on what they wanted their child to be as compared to the aspirations of the children.

An interactive microsite was developed with the title Do Your Homework which allowed parents to calculate the future cost of education of their child. The brand also shared beautiful illustration on social media highlighting the difference between professions and aspirations.


The campaign #DoYourHomework trended on Twitter in India and campaign video was able to grab more than 350,000 views on Youtube and more than 200,000 on Facebook & Twitter.


3. #IBuildMyUniverse

Aditya Birla Financial Services Group decides to pay a tribute to women with the campaign #IBuildMyUniverse to those who dare to break the gender stereotypes building their own world with their unique identities.The campaign involved a feature video and character cards showing strong women with their extraordinary achievements.


It was successful in creating a positive image of the brand along with saluting women who rose to make a difference. The feature video received more than 1 lakh views on Facebook & Youtube.


4. #RangDePhoto

DLF Gardencity organized an engaging contest #RangDePhoto. The contest involved sharing of colorful selfies on the occasion of Holi. The best colorful selfie capturing the essence of the festival would win an exclusive prize.


The highlight of the campaign was an easy participation. Anybody could participate who had liked the page by just sharing their selfies in the comments of the post or in their statuses using the #RangDePhoto.

The campaign received more than 200 entries generating a positive buzz around the brand and increasing the number of likes on the page as well.


5. #LabourOfLaughter

This year Labor Day & World Laughter Day fell on the same day i.e. 1st May. Grabbing this opportunity, Louise Philippe came up with a unique campaign combining both the occasions- #LabourOfLaughter. The campaign rolled out beautiful illustrations of 4 worldwide celebrated comics who with their labor of art cracked the audience- Robin Williams, Rowan Atkinson, Jay Leno, and Charlie Chaplin. The illustrations used inspiring quotes by these comedians which engaged the social media audience successfully.


The campaign was able to reach more than 2000 people engaging more than 500 people organically on Facebook.


6. #GiftAMask

The campaign aims at motivating people to give a mask to the traffic officials via twitter with #GiftAMask as a gesture of gratitude. The movement was making people aware about the usage of environment-friendly habits like use of public conveyance and switching to CNG vehicles. Also, they wanted to bring a change in perception about the Traffic Police and bring forth the problems they suffer. With every single tweet, GAIL provided a mask to a Traffic Policeman.


The #GiftAMask video has gained 184K views on YouTube and reached up to 2.1 million audience.


7. #MadnessForSure

Taxi For Sure’s latest witty campaign #MadnessForSure  is a series of quirky videos to create a brand buzz and reach out to the audience. The campaign was able to hold the interest of the audience with some attractive Minimal Posters.


The videos captured a total reach of 25.43 lakh and engaged 1.41 lakh people.


8. #AdmissionsAreOpen

Eyebridge School of Arts and Communication successfully completed its National-level Scholarship test campaign to check the aptitude of the admission seekers for User Interface, Digital Marketing and Graphic Designing courses in Delhi.


The campaign was executed to provide an opportunity to all the aspiring students. The campaign has crossed all the records with 1500+ students appearing in the Scholarship test.


9. #LookUp recently revamped its whole look and feel right from their logo to their social media presence making it more vibrant and colorful with its campaign ‘Look Up’! The 90 degree tilted logo which itself suggests looking up was a huge hit among instagrammers and design enthusiasts.

Look Up

With the launch of the campaign the traffic on their website increased by 500%.


10. #AurDikhao

We Indians love to have choices and we never grow tired of looking for choices. Amazon India based on this consumer behavior started a new campaign #AurDikhao. It rolled out interesting visuals on social media with out of the box concepts.Amazon also made some real conversations with stars like Baba Sehgal and Youtube stars like Kanan Gill on the same concept of #AurDikhao.
During the IPL Season 8, they also tried to engage their twitter fan base with #AurDikhao contest asking them to tweet what would like to see more in this year which allowed them to create a good buzz around their campaign.

The ads and the videos captured a whooping number of 21 lakhs in just 8 months and Amazon claims that the campaign helped them to increase their sales by 300% as compared to the last period.


11. IFFCO Live

Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative (IFFCO) started an initiative IFFCO Live where they promoted success stories from around the India specifically Rural India which often gets excluded in headlines of top newspapers and hence the public.


In order to pay a tribute to our farmers and rural heroes, a separate website was created where different stories were posted. The language was kept a mix of Hindi, English & Hinglish keeping in mind the audience it was meant to entertain. Facebook ads and Google banner ads were also rolled out to promote these stories which got an amazing response getting a good traffic of more than 32,000 users on the website.


12. Share The Load

We have seen various campaigns in the past based on gender equality but what makes Ariel’s Share The Load campaign unique is a call to action.

Share The Load

Using data and statistics, the campaign was successful in initiating a conversation on social media about gender inequality which the professional women of today face with a call to action directed towards men to share the load of household activities with their wives. It created a positive vibe and emotional connect with the audience. The video of the campaign was able to gather 1,168,975 views on Youtube.

Tell us which of the above campaigns you like the most in the comments section below. Also let us know if a campaign you saw recently on digital media which you loved was not included in the list above.


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