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A Designer’s Inspiration

A person, who follows his /her inspirations and can change the monotonous styles and patterns by his indigenous ways, is called a designer. People often name it as “Brainstorming” or “Ideation”. However, we call it “Designers are at their best”. If you ask a designer to come up with an idea for a challenge in one of those “free-wheeling” sessions, then in an “idea-a-minute” form, he will come out with the river of imaginative thinking.

“Creativity bleeds from the pen of inspiration” – A famous quote from a well known writer (unfortunately, I don’t get his/her name). Anyways let’s get back to the topic. Inspirations are simply not those ideas that enthuse one to give the world a blend of innovation and unimaginable best creation, rather inspiration is like a seed, which if watered and fed with accurate plans and actions can develop into something more incredible and striking than anyone could ever dream or imagine.

At Eye Bridge, our designers always thrive for something novel, unique, and ground-breaking that can create a buzz in the industry and turmoil in the market. We, at Eye Bridge, are always on our toes to put the imagination into practice without the fear of failure. We are always ready with the Plan ‘A’ and ‘B’, which can break the ice of monotonous creativity prevailing in the market.

And if we are talking about Eye Brdige, how can we forget about the Creative Head Mr. Jaideep Chauhan, the one-man army behind the creation of Eye Bridge website. Asking about his inspiration and ideas, he replied “Inspiration for designing comes from surrounded nature, people, things (objects) and off course from what I found missing around me. I analyze many pictures, photographs, art work and try finding out the best perspective in those pictures and how to make them to look much better. Admiring my previous work and finding more innovations with the ease of new technologies also strike inspiration in my daily life. Apart from all these music, coffee, smiling faces around me, and weekend parties do inspire me a lot to express my junk of ideas on the canvas”.

And, Eye Bridge is the outcome of his ideas and inspiration.

When asked by Kunal, the creative designer at Eye Bridge about the inspirations behind his designs, he said that the websites are designed by the zing and passion, which they have to mold the vague thoughts and imaginations of his client. The moment the first thought clicks to his mind, then there only, the picture of the perfect website comes out of the silhouette in a jiffy.

For example, when he is asked to share his inspirations behind the design of rock band website, Kunal said “when the challenge came to me of designing the BFL (the rock-band). I just saw the word ‘the rockband’ in brief and from that very moment the elements for the website start coming to my mind. The image came in mind of the classical rock metal band of youth stars. The colors and theme taken in the whole creativity is somewhere simple yet very different from other rock bands site. In short, I present the main aspects of a rock band without cluttered showcasing.” And then the final outcome, except than the smiles, is Barefaced Liar


Following Books and Beyond is another example from the list of his masterpieces. The following website is designed for children, 5- 15 years of age group, he designed the layout from vibrant colors, used book as well as computer games, brought the imaginative world and the unimaginative universe, from super heroes to Pokémon and what not. Ask him the reasons behind using particular theme; he has all of your answers in the world.

The above stories completely satisfy the quote of David Craib “Design should never say, ‘Look at me.’ It should always say, ‘Look at this.”

Eye Bridge Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a one-stop shop, which provides triumph with the wings of creativity.

You must be thinking, in today’s time, everyone does Improvisation every day, what new we do? At, Eyebridge, we are the bunch of best creative designers that not only efficiently manage your requirements but also provide you a resolution with effective utilization of resources. We provide a platform, where we give a format and a comfortable environment to express new combinations that find out the perfect pearl from the ocean of ever-changing needs of our clients.



Last but not the least, I would like to end this article with the words of Frank Chimero “Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs”

And, Eye Bridge Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd helps you with those good designs.


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2 thoughts on “A Designer’s Inspiration

  1. Business Binocular

    Nice article. I agree with what you say about inspiration – that it can be nurtured and developed to create something truly wonderful.

    Attractive designs. I like the design on the home page of your site. Pretty nice… All the best!

    Business Binocular


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