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Amrapali Online Shopping Store

Brand: Amrapali | Vertical: Jewellery, eCommerce | Solutions: Web Presence

Client Story

Amrapali is a renowned luxury jewellery brand of India. logo
Its collections are majestically infused with the finest in Indian culture, yet of the moment and relevant today, attracting royalty, tycoons, industrialists and celebrities world over. Amrapali has its physical stores at more than 30 locations across the globe.

Finally looking at the impending competition from the digital stores, Amrapali launched its first online store by the name of

100 %

Efficiency in traffic diversion on site

3 million

Impressions served


Clicks received

Business Challenge

  • Need to maintain the luxury brand stature with the new online store as well.
  • Don’t want to dilute the exclusivity of the brand Amrapali.
  • Need to develop another source of revenue though online sales.


  • Promote it on Search Engine through Paid Media for selected brand driven keywords.sales1
  • Optimize the website for search engine to come on the targeted keywords on the top SERP.
  • Other Media Used: Email Marketing, ODA (Online Display Ads) & The Re-marketing Banners (which were used to follow-up with the traffic coming on the e-store and its corporate site).
  • Reach her with highly targeted, relevant messaging as she researches for hand crafted, silver jewellery, premium fashion jewellery and other related keywords to maintain the brand positioning of Amrapali.

Solution: Search Market Tactics

  • Generating Traffic to increase sales without pushing sales driven keywords.Untitled
  • Use of paid adwords to identify the best keywords, and optimizing the site organically of these keywords. This reduced the CPC to great extent.
  • Use of negative keywords, so as to not wasting even a single click on keywords not related to the business or products. eg. Cheap jewellery online, Gold jewellery.
  • Use of contextual targeting on premium fashion/ lifestyle website and blogs.
  • Focus on brand related and transnational keywords.


  • Within a span on six months, the entire investment over the online store was recovered.


  • It turned out to be a new and regular source of revenue.


  • Top organic ranking on keywords like “Online Silver Jewellery”, even above other jewellery portals like, etc.



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