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Customized Web Presence vs. Template Websites

In this digital age, a website is the reflection of any company. No matter how big or small is your business, your website is the gateway to know more about your company. However, who don’t want a customized web presence in this era of massive web competition rather than a template based website? Today, companies are bit stiff to flaunt their products/services and work flow uniqueness to their customers online. For them personalized web presence is a way to go. On the other hand, small businesses that have never encountered with web are possibly be interested in getting a low budget conventional website developed to ensure the web existence of their business.

Let’s assume, if you are a potential buyer, who goes to shopping mall to buy a utility product. Be it retail item, apparel or footwear. The moment you enter a mall… you would see cluster of all the shops are of same design and interiors.

What makes you think what they are selling? & how one is different from the other? Give it a thought?

The same research I have done when I visited a local school and asked all the students of Class IX to come out and stand in a line. Nobody would speak anything until I asked. My purpose was to find out some of the core behavioral aspects of the students just by visually looking at them. All of them were dressed in the same uniform. I was asked to identify student… who are good in sports, good in studies, fond of music, love fashion, etc. I could not able to do it correctly. Now imagine, if every child have been dressed up to reflect their innate talent or individual behavior then things would have been different and I could easily identify every individual with the exact behavior he was trying to reflect.

Here comes the power of customization… it makes the communication so easy that people would understand what exactly you want to communicate through your website.

Today, websites have become a central chunk of any marketing strategy. If you’re a professional marketer then you might get agreed to the above statement. Even if it is a single small marketing flier or brochure of your company, you would want it to be unique and something that catches attention at a glance of your target audience and communicate the key message instantly. Here we are talking about your website… which is going to be the nodal point for your business, where most of your target audience will be diverted.

Web is transforming with the speed of light. Every new day, new web design trends are coming in, so to create a balance between the web and your business, synchronization is nevertheless an only way that businesses need to infuse.

Personalized Web Presence – A Way To Synchronize With Web

Over 1.8 billion people use internet every day to search information, so getting developed a highly manicured website is a fantastic way to capture attention on one go.

  • Looking great is really important! But get a responsive and customized website that functions well deliver extra bit of content, images, custom layouts, and streamlined information will really set you apart and build confidence.
  • A custom web presence is optimized for the best web exposure of your business. Each time a visitor comes to your website, he/she would find something appealing and fresh.
  • Uniqueness is the core benefit companies can get through a personalized web presence. Undeniably, a great deal for business branding.
  • Anything custom costs money, but it also offers a lot more value for your money in the long run.

Template based website – Budget Friendly Web Presence.

Most probably you’ve seen the ads: Websites for $50, sometime more or less. These ads are selling low cost template-based websites. So the next when you would get an encounter with such ads, you would probably know why the cost is low. These sites are quite slick and save a lot of money but can be a problem at times and damage your brand image.

Let’s assume, have you ever tried on shoes that were just one size off? You like them, or even want to buy them, but certainly cannot get them workable. That’s kind of how website templates can be – especially ecommerce templates (we’ll be coming this point).

Here are some pros and cons of template based design:

  • It can be a great starting point, but if you have a long-term plan for your business in your mind then it’s not recommended by web experts.
  • It doesn’t take long time to go live.
  • For an eCommerce business, template design acts bit hard-coded and don’t seem to fit suitable. Your eCommerce website can functionally suffer if you go for template design.

Bottom line: The difference between both is just like the difference between professional and DIY web projects. Template based website are easy and instant to build, however after certain point everyone looks for a professional website to promote business online. A professional web expert team on your side is what you can expect when deciding for personalized web presence. If I talk about the future, companies would include a web revamp in their annual budgets every year. It’s a dynamic world that keeps transforming the conventional. The choice is yours!


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2 thoughts on “Customized Web Presence vs. Template Websites

  1. Vikram

    Thanks for this insightful write up. Its very helpful to initial decide upon templates and customized web solution. I am now convinced … instead of saving some bucks and falling in the trap of pre made web templates … I think … I will go for a custom made website which would display the right positioning and can connect with my target audience. I will consider this as an investment … which would give me better returns.


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