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Ethical and Unethical SEO Tricks

When you start a business or a firm, you need to promote it. A promotion could be through traditional means (mouth-to-mouth) or by latest modes of technology. In this fast moving world, no one has enough time to use the traditional modes of promotion. Hence, the latest mean, SEO has become the center of attraction. Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, is the process to enhance the visibility of websites, web pages and links on Search Engines.

There are various tips and tricks to use SEO and improve the visibility and ranking of the website or web pages on various search engines. The commonly used technique in SEO industry to a web page or website is White Hat Marketing. The White Hat marketing is also known as ethical SEO. There are several techniques used under White Hat.

Following are the top 5 techniques:

Quality Content: we always heard “content is king” and this is actually very true. To keep on high ranking and top on SERP’s one should always offer unique and well written content on the website or web page.

Update the content on regular basis: Always try to update the content over the website or web page, regularly. This regime will improve the visibility in search engines and chances to be on top ranking.

Titles and Meta Data: Always provide appropriate title and meta description for the page or content. Titles and Meta of any thing or page represents what the page actually contains. Therefore, make sure that the title and meta description is a real presentation of the page content.

Research and use of effective keyword: Research for the keywords and key phrases which you think people might use to search your website. Always use multi-word phrases, which are more specific (to website) as single word keywords are not always effective. Create keyword enrich content for the website. Always use the identified keyword and phrases throughout the article for at least 2 to 3 times. the main elements to tag the keywords are Title tag, Meta Description tag, Meta Keywords tag, All Headings tags and Text.

Link the Links: Always try to provide links to other websites and also request other networks to provide their links to your website as well. While linking, always look out for Good links only as they are from other web pages, which are considered highly by the search engines and are actually relevant to the content of your website.

Now, let’s move towards the next SEO trick known as Black Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO gives you instant results and growth but for a very short term. This SEO technique is against the norms of search engines. The result of using Black Hat marketing tricks would be a banned website but despite the risk of being banned by search engines, many marketers using the following mentioned Black Hat tricks to promote their business:

Stuffed Keyword: This is the most commonly used trick of Black Hat SEO. The content was full of keywords among other elements like meta tags, alt tags, comment tags as an invisible text for human eyes but very well visible to search engines algorithm, that reads keyword. And as a result drive the web page up in its SERP instantly.

Cloaking: This is also one of the most commonly used Black hat SEO tricks. In this trick, marketers mislead the users by redirect them to a wrong page through the websites containing web page, listed in search result. Consequently, the result content does not match the page displayed to users.

Link Farm: Hyper linking all websites of a group to each other is known as a link farm. A link farm is actually a form of spamming the index of a search engine, which is also known spamdexing or spamexing. Ideally, link farming should be avoided as this process misleads the search engines.

Hidden Text: This is the easiest technique of Black Hat SEO. In this technique the text is displayed in a way, which is invisible or unreadable. This is basically done by selecting the same color for the text as well for its background. Like every other technique of Black Hat, search engines also consider this as spam and can ban the website anytime.
And here is the third trick of SEO that is a mixture of White and Black Hat, the Grey Hat SEO. In Grey Hat marketing, the website owner choose to on higher risk side then a White Hat marketing strategy but at the same time ensure the limited usage of Black Hat techniques. For instance, a marketer may use a higher density of keyword I from the actual requirement n his website content but will not use it in excess like a Black Hat method.
Paid links, Cloaking and Duplicate Content are the main limbs of Grey Hat SEO. Like Black Hat, Grey Hat also have to face some results like penalties, however sites using this techniques are safe from being banned.


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