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The Show Must Go On: Eyebridge revamped its Weblog for a Motive

A great blogger has once said “A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others”, and Eyebridge believes that interest can be kept alive through cultivating thoughts - Our fresh blog design is the true reflection of it. Ever since we started blogging in 2008, when only few web design agencies were focusing on publishing research-based content for the stakeholders of the web design, with time we have strengthened the credo in the blogging for businesses design.

“Eyebridge wear its heart and soul on this blog.”

Why it is important to have a blog for businesses?

As we spoke in our last blog that online marketing is crucial for businesses to propagate in the present age, blogging is also a serious business too for getting connected to your target audience. While talks are still on for what to do and what not to do in maintaining a blog. Here are few awesome reasons to start a blog write away right now…

  • Sharing is caring: It won’t be wrong if I consider blog as a digital voice, any individuals or businesses who care to show the world that they do have a voice should have an active blog participant and share fresh content to keep their connection stronger with the web.
  • Branding Speaks: Today, blogging has become the priority for many brands to stay motivated in branding perspective. It’s a cornerstone of unbeatable branding efforts including digital PR and marketing. Companies utilize words to capture audience—to take what you want to say and improve the influence that these words have on your readers.
  • Grab an Online Space: No matter you are a professional or a beginner, blogging can be the reflection of your online image and a starting point to introspect with digital century. Blogging matters for those who like to have their viewpoint in front of the millions of people online.

Harnessing the Idea

When asked on how the idea of revamping eyebridge blog comes across in the pipeline, the major pillars of Eyebridge explained their point of view:

“The idea of Revamping Eyebridge blog did not shape up in a day or two. Our research team has been constantly examining User Behavior change and technology transformations in the past years. And this helped us concluding the right areas of improvement.” said Mr. Vivek Pratap Singh Rathore (Director – Online Marketing, Eyebridge - An Interactive Digital Agency).

“We have put the efforts to change the packaging only so that ROI can be increased, but the soul of Eyebridge blog to convey the best to the audience is not disturbed at all.” said Mr. Jagrit Gupta (Director, Eyebridge – An Interactive Digital Agency).

What’s New in this Eyebridge Blog?

  • Social Connection: We have made a clear cut use of social media as today social media has become more important than before. A live Twitter widget & Facebook Comments are reflecting loudly our social connection with audience.


  • Smooth Navigation: Eyebridge reacts to bandwagon and therefore we have come up with “Auto Loading” content by keeping aside a conventional “Pagination” mode.


  • Intelligent Use of images: We don’t do anything on web without a Concept. In the new blog we made use of conceptual images that could hold story of a whole blog within.
  • Global Appeal: In the previous blog our focus was limit to Indian Audience, now we have expanded our reach to global audience to hit the hot metal at the right time with right design.
  • Break the monotony: We have added reinforcement statement to maintain interest of the readers. This simply catches attention of the visitor and they will what is appreciated by Eyebridge.

blog screenshot

  • Responsive Design:  A powerful responsive design says it all as most of the users consume content using mobile and tablet devises these days.
  • User-friendly Featured categories: More improved categorization of versatile blog articles to offer an extra special space to each post. Eventually nothing would be skipped by readers.  Higher visibility to the latest blog entry as compared to older entries.

blog screenshot3

  • More interactive features:  With improved the comment section, social interaction, tweet widget, auto-loading and many more.

Overall we’ve kept it Simple, Bold and Start to Finish like a story.

We don’t believe in talking inapt when things can happen simply. So here is Expert #Tips to viral new revamped blog: 

  • Post frequently
  • Share blog content on social network/ forums/ discussion boards
  • Post visual content like interesting images or videos
  • Post variety of articles
  • Don’t post half-baked stuff, write it like a story

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.


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