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Going the E-Commerce Way

Michael Alrich, an English inventor, entrepreneur and innovator, developed online shopping in 1979 which enabled online transaction processing between businesses and consumers. E-commerce has been around since that day and eventually developed on a large scale. The face of the online commercial world has changed drastically, especially over these past five years, with the increase in e-commerce trend. To site a simple example, UK is the biggest e-commerce market in the world, even bigger than USA. Quoting The Gaurdian, “The internet economy of UK is likely to grow by 10% between 2010 and 2015.”, that is why it is important to go the e-commerce way. Apart from being an easier way to earn profits, there are various other reasons why choosing e-commerce would benefit you as a business. We can tell you why in this article.

E-Commerce can be successful in three simple steps; creating a website, taking the orders and accepting payments. Yes! It is that simple. Let’s take glance over these benefits:

1. No barriers of time or distance: With the introduction of e-commerce for doing businesses, the issues of time or distance were overcome. This is a 24X7 business where you can log on to the internet anytime you want and make your purchase, which is only a few clicks away. This saves time and you don’t have to go to any specific store to buy what you want. Sites such as and are some of the popular websites existing in the 21st century. Amazon has collected large revenue and profits only from e-commerce. The benefit which sites such a provide is that both retailers as well as individuals can do business, thus, meeting the needs of both B2C and C2C.

2. Increase in potential customers and profits: Because there is no barrier of time or distance and exchange of goods can be done easily, e-commerce provides one’s business with a high number of customers. If your site is successful, then your customers will keep returning giving you more business as they will eventually instill their trust in your site. Also, a buzz will be created about your brand. If one person found your site trustworthy, then he/she is bound to spread the word around. With a high number of customers, it is obvious that your profits will rise as well. But remember more sales may not always necessarily mean high profits.

3. Expands customer reach geographically: As we have mentioned that e-commerce removes barriers of distance, therefore, it is obvious that the reach of customers is on a large scale and on a great geographical scale as well. Even if yours is a business based in USA, it is possible to have customers in India or Australia. Thus, helping you earn profits at a global level, not only your limited area. You can sell our products to anyone regardless of the city, country or continent the customer lives in.

4. Decrease in costs: Apart from helping you get an increase in your profits and sales, e-commerce business also get benefited by cost reduction. You do not require much investment for setting up a business like buying a store or hiring employees such as salesmen. You can work from the comforts of your own home. The troubles of giving phone bills, lease payments or rents can be avoided.

When the world was facing a recession period during 2008, e-commerce remained one of the unaffected markets. It is only expanding day by day as more and more businesses are turning the e-commerce way. So we too suggest, get your own attractive website up and take the e-commerce road if you want to always be in the broad daylight of the commercial market and have a sunny side up. If you don’t believe this, then you can see for yourself the turnover of many e-commerce websites and decide for yourself whether taking this route would truly benefit you or not.


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