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Google Panda Update 3.9.1

Had your site traffic is little bit down on this Monday?
Google rolled out the latest update to its Panda content-ranking algorithm last night, and already Internet hucksters are quaking in their boots. Panda 3.9, the latest salvo in the ongoing battle between the good guys with high-quality websites and the bad guys who build content farms and other low-quality sites of that ilk, will affect around 1 percent of all searches, Google said in a Twitter post.

In its tweet, Google also included a link to its guide to building high-quality sites.

Google Panda 3.9.1 Tweet

“The changes to the Panda algorithm can have a positive impact on a company’s website ranking if taken into consideration,” said Pete Goold, managing director of Punch Communications, a PR, social media and SEO agency. “However, the negatives of not adhering to the guidelines can be costly, ultimately leading to a lack of online visibility which can affect a business’s bottom line.”

Have you noticed any decrease in your rankings too? Reason behind all this is Google Panda refresh 3.9.1. on 20th August,2012. Google has confirmed that its panda update refreshed on past Monday. According to Google, this update affects 1% of search queries and its a “minor” Panda update. Google also confirmed this by tweeting it.

Google also said that panda updates will be more smoother and consistent and will not affects much on the websites but the next penguin update is more suprising. So be ready and awake..!!


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