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Latest SEO tools by Google

Google, the giant search engine, has recently launched a few new casework and accouterments that are helping net users all around the globe. These new tools and features are practically effective and useful as they are believed to have revolutionized the net world. Following are some important facts about the latest tools and features alien by Google.

Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics, you can calmly go to your contour and edit the tracking figures. Google Analytics is web analytics software by Google that allows users to determine the traffic that is advancing to their website and the capability of their business efforts. It has some powerful, adjustable yet simple appearances that permit users to analyze & evaluate their web-site traffic from a brand spanking new angle. By Google Analytics application, businesses can be more focused towards their business techniques and can create websites that have more likely to convert catechumen visitors into customers.

Google Panda Update

Google Panda is an algorithm that is acclimated in lesser frequency than the circadian indexing of Google. Panda is acclimated to analyze and appraise websites for spam’s, the quality of the content used etc. once done, the conventional Google algorithm makes use of the site’s rating by Panda to enhance or abate the baronial of pages initiated on those websites. Google Panda is accessible only on the English adaptation of Google and it is yet to be alien and implemented in the non-English adaptation of Google. Also, users of Google Panda can additionally apprehend Panda 2.2 soon.

Rel=Author Tag

Google has additionally launched two new tags, rel=author and rel=me. These tags acquiesces users to affix with the contour page of a columnist that has been set up. Some bodies accept that by using rel=author tag, you can improve the traffic on some websites. All you charge to do is use the <a href= “rel=author”> in adjustment to affix with an affiliate or the columnist contour page. The columnist folio ability be like the ‘about me’ or ‘about us’ kind of page. Some people generally put question about the need of the rel=author tag.

The logic is mentioned below:-

Google has been looking for ways to evaluate the quality of content. Way to evaluate the quality of content is by identifying who wrote the editorial content. Therefore, if the author has written other content, you can get an idea about the approach that the author makes. Google has been rating some pages higher on the basis that sharing links. This means that Google may use the tag rel = author in the aforementioned way Web pages & pages rank.

In case, the use of rel=author tag becomes official, than black hats can use this tool in the negative way. They may initiate writing spam editorials and make replica of columnist profiles.


Obviously, Google has been playing an acute role in creating new software, accoutrement and features to increase the availability of content quality available over internet. It is also making convincing efforts to abate and abash spam content and imitate profiles that can affect the users. Therefore, these efforts of Google should be appreciated.


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  1. onlineshaker

    i Also wanted to know about some of the SEO tools, I tried but I couldnt find anywhere proper information about SEO tools .Seems like now my search is over.
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  2. vpsmalhotra

    The blog is couched in too much tech languaage making it diffiult for a lay bie like me to make sense and comprehend its content I would sugget using newbie friendly language to makae it readable and understandable
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  3. Advia

    thanks for sharing this article. After the google panda update last april i think we’re all on the blind side at this stage we always should be careful coz what works before may not work anymore :)


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