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Online Marketing Trends in 2011

Trends keep changing at a rapid pace whether they are related to fashion or with Online Marketing. And if you want to be in the race and win it, you also need to keep yourself up-to-date with all latest trends. Today, almost every business has its online presence and to stand out in the market they have to follow current online trends.

Here, we are providing you some latest trends of Internet Marketing, so that you can win the race and your business gets rapid growth.

Social Networking has gained more popularity than any other trend. This trend refers to building social networking over the Internet via various networking sites like Face Book, Orkut, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, etc. In the past one year, people have become addicted to social networking. With more than 640,000,000+ active members, Face Book has become the number one social networking site. On other hand, Twitter attracts more than 22 million new visitors every month. Hence, it would be very beneficial for you to create accounts on these social networking sites and promote your business through social networking.

Search Engine Visibility is an important trend of online marketing. You need to keep your site content and figures updated to be visible in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). You need to choose and implement time-tested strategies so that your website becomes search engine friendly and gets top ranked in all organic / natural search engine results.

Video Endorsement We all know that graphics and videos leave more impact on our mind than text. According to comScore, more than 78% of the US Internet audience view online videos. The fact is people like video. Video Endorsement is the modified way to keep the online customers engaged with a compelling and informational message. This is another best trend to achieve top rank with specific keywords or phrases.

Digital Portfolios is another exploding trend of Online Marketing. Like Video promotion, this trend also leaves its footprints everywhere, now. For this, you need to develop a unique digital portfolio for your business, which may include your website, your blog and your e-mail newsletter, your achievements, images, your social networking feeds and posts etc. This is one of the most effective trends to showcase your company’s identity.

Online Advertising is the most effective way to target the specific markets while they are surfing the Internet. A leveraging and powerful ad has the capability to express your actual identity in front of world. This is the most vital part of your triumph. And HEADLINE is the secret of that successful and powerful ad as you have nano seconds to grab the attention of audiences. Therefore, try to write short, catchy, crispy and attractive headlines which can express your business correctly.

Above mentioned are some of the latest trends of Online Marketing. Choose and implement the best one to win the rat race over the Internet.


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