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Party Knocked on… Dazzling Friday Night

27th June 2014

After a long wait the party was on, last Friday …. It’s the party day. The Big, Blooming and Bashing occasion of celebration for Eye Bridge Soft Solutions. A pleasant smile was visible on every face with an excited mood of celebration and enjoyment in every heart. Reward and Recognition quarterly party, it was each individual’s coordinated effort made the Friday a Remarkable and Remembering day. Many thanks to our HR Prakrity Paul for making the event as a projection of Eye Bridge’s  success, by taking the lead and involving team mates properly. 1

Decoration & DJ’s Team -
The office premises was beautifully decorated with colorful balloons and ribbons by our decoration team including Nidhi, Komal, Satish and Priyaranjan.

2 Great energy and enthusiasm was demonstrated by our DJ’s Satender and Gagandeep for vibrating the floor by their pulsating music tracks. 3

Three Musketeers -
Evening started with the presentation delivered by Prakrity about the Eye Bridge as an Interactive Online agency also called as Digital Consultancy founded in 2004 and started its operations in 2009. Different slides were displayed over Companies’ Vision, Mission and Values, and how organisation started and lead by three Musketeers – Director’s Jagrit Gupta, Vivek Partap Singh Rathore and Jaideep Chauhan.


Reward and Recognition (Delivering Quality Work) -
The Second phase was followed by Reward and Recognition with the categories of:- Best Employee Award for (Delivering Quality Work) – Amit Rajput and Satish Kumar

5 Punctuality and Regularity -
Best Employee Award for (Punctuality and Regularity) – Gagandeep Singh 6 Most Motivated and Spirited-
Best Employee Award for (Most Motivated and Spirited) (Ravi receiving award on behalf of Nikhil)– Nikhil Aggarwal 7

Innovation and Research -
Best Employee Award for (Innovation and Research) – Rajini Goyal

8 Champion of Champions -
Best Employee Award for (Champion of Champions) – Ravi Singh 9Third Phase of the Event Fashion Show –
Fashion Show was the third phase of the event – Everyone walked on the ramp flaunting his/her attire in the manner of displaying their features.  Out of four male finalists Vivek Rathore won the fashion show among the other three finalists Akhilesh, Santosh and Abhinav, from the female finalists Prakrity was the runner-up and Komal was the winner. 10 11 Tambola and Quiz -
Healthy engaging game Tambola and quiz were the fourth form of the event followed by dance where everyone rocked on the dance floor enjoying eating, drinking and dancing late night. 12 Enjoying Party – 13


14Many Thanks to our honorable guests Ruhani Jagrit Gupta and Nitika Vivek Pratap Singh Rathore.  DSC_0613 Special Thanks, to little Princess (Jagrit Sir’s Daughter) for her Adorable Appearance. 15


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