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Top 5 Unheard Operating System

It must be a dream of Bill Gates to see everyone working on a computer with Microsoft running over it. And he actually makes his dream come true. Today, almost each desk and every home have a computer with different operating systems running on it. Operating System is the only source to access all your data and information on your PC. And when it comes to choose a compatible OS for your system, your priority must be Microsoft or Ubuntu.

But let us inform you that there are various other OS also available in the market having multiple and compatible applications for your PC.

Here, through this post, we will tell you the top 5 Operating Systems for system, which you have never used.

Fedora- The very first OS in this is list is Fedora. This operating system is designed and developed with the support and sponsor by a community called Fedora Project and Red Hat, respectively. Fedora OS is a RPM-based, standard purpose collection of software with an operating system based on Linux kernel. The versions of Fedora from Fedora Core 1 (code name- Yarrow) to Fedora 13 (code name- Goddard) are no longer supported. But, this OS is still in the race with its latest version Fedora 15 (code name- lovelock).

MINIX- Next in the list is MINIX, an OS based on a microkernel architecture designed by Andrew S. Tanenbaum, which is highly reliable, flexible, and secure. This operating system is basically created for educational purpose. MINIX have 3 versions till date, namely MINIX 1.0, MINIX 2.0 and MINIX 3 (latest in the list). Hardware required for this OS is Pentium class with 28 MB of RAM as installation memory.

BeOS- The third one is BeOS, which is an interesting and powerful operating system for personal computers invented in 1991 by Be Incorporation. This OS was placed as a multimedia platform that could be utilized by a considerable number of desktop users. Till date, various versions of BeOS have been launched in the market. The latest one is R5.1 (“Dano”), which was introduced in November 2001.

NeXT- NeXT stands at the second last position. A powerful operating system for education and business designed and developed by Steve Job. The best thing about this OS at the time of its introduction was its 256Mb WORM drive that was used for removable storage. Later, NeXT came up in its new avatar NeXTSTEP OS, which is based on Mach Unix kernel. NeXtSTEP 486 is a version of NeXTSTEP for Intel 486 CPU. Here, a screen shot from Google.

DESQview- And at last, its DESQview, which is actually not an OS, slightly its an operating environment. This OS allowed its users to multitask DOS programs. Infact, DESQview was the best way to run multiple character based DOS programs, until Microsoft introduced Windows 95. Following is an image found from Google.

Above explained operating systems are just a few drops from the ocean. The list for never used operating system is huge.

Happy Computing!!!!


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